Can a connection with a stranger be truly anonymous in today’s instantly-connected world?

Any piece of information we want can be found with the tap of a finger. It's convenient and efficient, yes. But whatever happened to a little mystery? What happened to the thrill of the unknown?



Sender Unknown is a delightful way to connect with a stranger in total anonymity through the simple act of gift-giving.

Just like entertaining chain letters and faraway pen pals of the past, Sender Unknown is an opportunity to connect with someone you will never meet. It’s an activity that revives the thrill of being in touch with a person who will forever remain a mystery. Remember what it was like before the Google search bar?



A coordinated system makes for a seamless experience.


Leave a list of your favorite things and take a stranger’s list.


At the kiosk, the user will find a blank list of Favorite Things that she will fill out and put in its envelope to leave for the next stranger to take. She walks away with the envelope from the stranger who was there before her. 


Find a gift the stranger might like and put it in the mailbox.


Once home, she opens the envelope to find a stranger’s list of Favorite Things along with a kit of gift accessories, a return envelope and an instructions booklet.


The list is the only information she has to find a gift that person might like. She can only spend £3 and has to get the package in the mailbox by the deadline.


The address on the envelope is for a central Sender Unknown location. Each participant's home address was submitted at the kiosk and kept organized by the Sender Unknown numbering system. All addresses are secret and secure.


Wait for an anonymous and delightful gift to arrive in the mailbox.


A week later, she will receive an envelope in the mail from a stranger. The gift will have been inspired by her list of Favorite Things and will have been hand selected for her delight. 


For those who miss that flutter of mystery, Sender Unknown delivers an experience that’s hard to find in today’s completely searchable world.


If you want to know more about this project, email me.

My contribution
Logo design
Packaging design
Experience design
Handmade production



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