How can a copywriter share her enthusiasm for creativity and her love for food?

Sarah Boston crafts words for a living and bounces around from agency to agency as a freelance copywriter. To appeal to potential design teams, she lays out a spread of her expertise—written and baked. A classic British picnic is the perfect place for everyone to bring something to the table (or to the tartan blanket).




The identity features copy­—Sarah’s favorite ingredient. 

The format of the brand rests on a simple and versatile format of copy. It showcases the collaborative nature of creative teams (and picnics) and the skills she brings.



The copy structure works in any scenario—rain or shine!



Reaching out to creatives
is as simple as pie.


Sarah has to convince designers that she is a valuable addition to a team. The brand's design entices in different ways, from notebooks with Sarah’s iconic pattern to a video that uses only words. And her homemade scones are always a winner.


Sarah’s promotional video tells a simple story of a picnic but in a way that a copywriter does best—with only words. A picture is painted in the viewer's head through a sequence of phrases that call on classic picnic food and mishaps of the British summer. 


Done in collaboration with Nate Carter.

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My contribution
Identity design
Layout design
Animation design



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