Can the identity design for an event tie everything together while letting the activities push and stretch far from convention?


The ELIA Academy arts conference was held in the massive new building that houses the design university, Central Saint Martins. Where lectures and panel discussions are most common, the ELIA team have replaced them with interactive events, open-ended discussions, and creative exercises. Guests were repeatedly faced with new ways of thinking. 


When the events of the conference are unfamiliar, there is an opportunity to find
solid ground in something recognizable. 


The logo is an abstraction of the recognizable pattern. It can be fluidly adjusted to be a source of information. And a one color printed version makes it easy to replicate on all collateral.


When you don’t know what to expect, at least you know you’re in the right spot.


The identity design is simple and consistent, allowing the events to take center stage. The visuals are grounded in a single strong color and a pattern that appears on everything. The design elements help guide guests through the massive building.


In a busy building, it’s important to know where you belong.


The events sometimes had meeting places or sent guests in search of findings. The accessories typically found at conferences became a beacon for guests. By equipping everyone with yellow items, it was easy to find fellow conference goers. Suddenly, a club of art-minded people are were easily recognizable.